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Local shops have set up shop in the square and are handing out sweets and other treats. The event includes a variety of activities such as craft projects, games, craft and children's activities, as well as live music, food trucks and much more. We'll show you a Halloween themed movie, live entertainment, a costume contest, freebies and more!

Food trucks, which serve appetizers and desserts to please the palate, are also part of the event. Most events in Brownwood feature live music, food trucks, live entertainment and more.

Fans of everything on two and four wheels will get their money's worth at the Brownwood Bike Run, a free event in Riverside Park. For more information about the free events at Riverside Park, visit the Texas Motorcycle Club Facebook page.

Bank robbers, who make fun of shootings, try brisket, chicken, ribs and beans on the grill - watch an Indian dance troupe and taste delicious food served at a barbecue competition. Visit the auto show, shop at craft vendors selling merchandise, or take part in a raft race along Beijing Bay. The best time for a 5km race is from 5.30pm to 7.15pm, with an entry fee of $5.

In addition to the Country Music Museum, the city also houses the Heart of Texas Historical Museum.

The museum displays several suits made by Hollywood tailor Nudie Cohn for Hank Thompson, including a silver leather and rhinestone dollar that Thompson wore in Las Vegas.

Ray Price, who wears one of the "beautiful" nudie suits, recalls the days when the singer called his band Cherokee Cowboys. The hard origins of many country musicians are underlined in the museum's collection with photographs and memorabilia from the late 1950s and early 1960s. Norma Jean, who became known in her early years as "Pretty Miss" or "Norma - Jean," was occasionally lead singer of her husband's country band. She was so moved by Pitcox's efforts to preserve traditional country music that she moved to Brady.

We are full of information and resources for the local region, and the measure of our success is always a success. We are always ready to go beyond the goal to help our employees and customers and work every day to help them achieve their goals. The staff, customers, employees and volunteers of the Brownwood Texas Music Museum make it a pleasure to be here.

At this time of year, we expect a busy calendar of events that reflect the legacy of the Lone Star. Watch the cattle show with people wearing cowboy hats and boots, which you should not miss.

Part of the June 18 celebration in Brownwood, will be part of this year's celebration at the Texas State Capitol on June 19 at 7 p.m.

You can see dancers in colorful dresses swaying to the music, listening to a mariachi band and then painting caricatures of an artist. Eagle feathers adorn his trouser legs, the back of his jacket is filled with images of elaborate Cherokee headgear, and the stage is set for a spectacle. Open Friday through Saturday, noon to 4 p.m. at the Texas State Capitol in Brownwood, as it once was at Opry, Honky Tonk and under the lights.

Centenarian Flo Sauers from Victoria donated the last ride of the cowherd, which also includes the picture and signature of Blue Yodeler. Founded in 2000, it is exhibited at the Texas State Capitol in Brownwood as a tribute to the history of traditional country music in Texas. Each purchase is made with the aim of honouring the traditional music of the countries and preserving their history and sound. It includes a rarity from Hank Williams, framed by "I Never Made a Show" and "Hank Williams:

The piece is a scrapbook that Hanks' mother kept and somehow ended up in Mason's antiques shop, where it was found by an Austin benefactor and given to the museum. The museum's security system, which was installed after technicians broke in, is being reinstalled.

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More About Brownwood